Captain America: Deluxe Classic Version

2016 Con Exclusive

Limited Edition
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Product Description

All sales are final on exclusive items.

Vowing to serve his country any way he could, young Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum to become America’s one-man army. Fighting for the red, white and blue for over 60 years, Captain America is the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty.

Featuring over 32 articulation points, intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing and tons of accessories, the final product creates an iconic classic vision with a "real world" look. This exclusive, limited-edition not only features a new classic head sculpt and vibrantly colored uniform, but is packaged in an exclusive shield-shaped metal tin featuring a lenticular transformation chamber.

The One:12 Collective Classic Captain America features:

  • Hyper-realistic portraits
  • 1:12 scaled, highly realistic fabric classic uniform with special simulated duralumin scale armor
  • Detailed sculpted costume accents, including belt, gloves, and boots
  • Gauntlets with magnetic attachments
  • Super articulated body with over 32 points of articulation


What's in the box:

  • Classic style masked portrait with pronounced wings
  • Unmasked Steve Rogers portrait
  • Fists (L&R)
  • "Thumbs Up" hand (L)
  • Saluting hand (R)
  • Pointing hand (R)
  • Posing hands (L&R)
  • Holding hands (L&R)
  • Shield throwing hands (L&R)
  • Shield with magnetic attachments
  • Harness with magnetic attachment
  • Knife (fits in sheath on the boot)
  • Grenade set (can clip onto the back of the belt)
  • Interchangeable pouch and canteen (can clip onto the belt)
  • Display base with posing post

Packaged in a deluxe, limited edition circular tin featuring Captain America's shield design. When the tin is opened, a lenticular image is revealed. The lenticular dramatically shows the transformation of Steve Rogers from a scrawny weakling into a chiseled super-soldier. Beneath the lenticular, the figure and his accessories are securely held by collector friendly trays.

Product Details

Product Scale
Packaging Type
Collector Tin
Product Weight
6 lb
Recommended Ages
15 and up

Product Reviews Write a Review

Fidel F. Rojas
from Placedo, Texas

The One:12 Collective Classic Captain America

America's greatest super soldier is well captured in a classic look that's so amazing it's hard to pass up. This figure has it all with quality that's worth the price tag. The feel of this figure is amazing. The 32 articulation points works well. I especially love the limited edition circular tin. This living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty should be added in your collection while figures are available.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no   Certified buyer
CobraShadowJoes (Steve Wagner)
from NJ USA

Mezco Toyz SDCC Exclusive One:12 Captain America

When it comes to characters, I tend to lean towards the ones that carry guns. Mezco's SDCC version of Captain America doesn't come with a gun, but he sure as hell packs a mean punch. There are many versions out there of CAP, but the classic look has always been my favorite. Even though Captain America doesn't come with a gun, he has grenades and his signature shield to do his dirty work. Let's take a closer look at a true icon from Marvel that Mezco gets just right.

Mezco has made a few versions of Captain America, but I really wanted the one with that classic look. Since he is an exclusive he will cost a little more and may be harder to find. I believe Mezco currently still has him listed for purchase on their main website If you are looking for a more modern version of Captain America they are available and a little cheaper to buy. No mater which version you choose of Captain America, you know you are getting a quality figure and product made by Mezco.

Check out our full review here:
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A viewer
from Levittown, PA

Star Spangled Spectacular

Check out my review and comparison with the regular Captain America.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no   Certified buyer

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