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18" Plush Toy

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It's the ultimate Breaking Bad collectible, the one fans have been clamoring for: the Pink Teddy Bear plush prop replica. Our 1:1 scale plush is a replica of the Pink Teddy Bear as seen in numerous episodes of AMC Sony Picture Television's award-winning TV series.

The Pink Teddy Bear fell into Walter White's swimming pool during the Wayfarer 515 aircraft explosion. The aircraft was a 747 and, coincidentally, $747,000.00 was the amount Walter initially set out to raise to provide for his family after his anticipated death from cancer. During the crash the Pink Teddy Bear lost an eye, which Walter kept. As eagle-eyed Breaking Bad fans also know, we first met the Pink Teddy Bear in the "Fallacies" music video for Jesse's band Twaught Hammer. Then, when Walt walks naked into a Hi-Lo Mart, the bear is seen in the background for sale in a display of plush toys. The Pink Teddy Bear shows up again falling from the sky in the mural painted on Jane's wall behind her bed. And, most notable, the damage to the Pink Teddy Bear (half burned face, missing eye) foreshadows the "face-off" with Gus Fring later in the series.

Our replica features real synthetic plush fur and screen-accurate airplane damage. His one remaining eye stares at you, silently watching, judging, waiting. Each Breaking Bad Pink Teddy Bear also features an informative hangtag and comes packed in a collector-friendly window box.

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