Slugfest’s Emporium of Badassery Advent Calendar


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  • All sales are final on this item.
  • This item ships FREE to the contiguous U.S.
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Yo Lug-Nutz, get your jollies the Rumble Society way! We’re decking the halls…literally.

This Advent Calendar is jam-packed with exclusive figures, accessories, and soft goods. Plus, a new Rumbler is included!

“Ya better watch out… Cuzin Eddi’s comin’ to town!” Cuzin Eddi is known for showing up empty-handed, not minding his business, and passing out on the couch. He wears a festive reindeer onesie (he has had it on since spring break) and comes with a bottle of liquor that he can hold (if not too tipsy). The short of it is, this guy is a hot mess but a lot of fun.

The Slugfest Advent Calendar is packaged in a replica Boom Boom, decorated in super-sweet graphics for the holidays! Inside, you’ll find a dysfunctional family portrait and some Mez-Itz running amuck. 

*This product is intended for collectors ages 18 and up and is not suitable for children. The product may contain small parts that can be a choking hazard as well as sharp points that can cause injury. The item is not designed for rough play and is considered a display item for collectors.

Created by Mez Markowitz.

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The Sonny Channel
from Austin, TX

This Beat the Brakes Off My Kids' Advent Calendar

While my kids got some weak piece of chocolate for 24 days, I was opening up punch effects, tactical vests, cases, Doc Nocturnal, Mezits, a Grub, and Cuzin Eddi! Now, in my household, we don't use swear language, so I had to call this the Slugfests Emporium of Badbuttery Advent Calendar. My wife then complained that "slugfest" sounded too violent, so I told her it's a festival for shell-less snails, and now she wants to go in the summer. But for now, I'm having too much fun posing Cuzin Eddi with his dandy reindeer onesie. It's not like one of those cheap onesies that slutty girls wear, either. It's nice. I only wear polyester, so I don't know if it's velvet or velour, but it's definitely made from a fabric that I am now jealous of. Under his onesie, Cuzin Eddi had holiday underbritches. I was insanely jealous so I had to run out to my local JCPenney and get my own pair. The cashier was like, "Oh, that's cute, you match your doll." I said, "Hey! I'm married, you harlot!" Luckily, I had my Doc Nocturnal in the car to calm me down. Doc Nocturnal had limited articulation and movement compared to Cuzin Eddi, sort of like my grandpa compared to me. I never knew I needed candy canes for any of my figures until I got some in this pack. Now all of my figures can have fresh breath and sticky hands. All of the items come in a resealable plastic shell, but I tossed that so the wife doesn't try to make me use it again next year, in case Mezco makes another one. I didn't see her rewrap the chocolate for my kids, so I'm not getting cheated next year. If someone asked how many stars I'd give this pack, I would give it 14 stars...and then I'd ask what's the threshold, and if they told me out of five stars, I'd stick with my 14. Oh, and did I mention the deluxe fanny pack that is packed in? FYI, JCPenney does not carry those...or tactical vests.
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A viewer
from indianapolis

so good i love how much stuff it comes with and how good the pirce it i would recomend buying this for you if you are a collector

This item is exceptional and highly recommended. The reason it is so good is because of the multitude of items it includes and its affordable price. Whether you're a collector or purchasing it for a child, this product offers great value. Its extensive range of contents is impressive, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Not only does it come with a variety of items, but the price is also reasonable, making it accessible to many. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a beginner, this product is worth considering.
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