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Product Description

Universal Studios' 1931 Frankenstein is famous not only for the groundbreaking and enduring look of the Frankenstein Monster, but for the production design of the Academy Award nominated Charles D. Hall.

Frankenstein created the look that "mad scientist" films follow to this day as well as defined the castle laboratory aesthetic. One of the most iconic images from the film is the Monster standing in the open doorway of the lab. A wall of rough-hewn stones and a studded wooden door in the background ominously frames the Monster.

This One:12 Collective environment perfectly recreates the look and feel of the scene as though it were a movie set. Created of polystone, the environment features a functional door, floor, and stone wall. Behind the door, a cardstock backdrop creates the illusion of depth. The set includes a period-accurate trunk which matches the same one seen in still 310-1-90 from the Universal archives. The environment assembles easily using embedded magnets to ensure a secure fit.

The One:12 Collective Frankenstein Doorway Environment features:

  • Functional door opens and closes
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 11.5in tall, 8.5in wide and 8in deep
  • Behind-the-door backdrop

What's in the box:

  • One moveable trunk
  • One cardstock backdrop

This item is exclusive to the Mezco Toyz online store. Figure sold separately.

Product Details

Product Scale
Packaging Type
Window Box
Product Weight
4 lb
Recommended Ages
15 and up

Product Reviews Write a Review

Jeff Wilson
from Athens Ohio

Frankenstein doorway enviorment to anyone who has purchased the one collective frankenstein I give this 5 stars!

This has to be the most accurate display base that I've ever seen the detail from the trunk to the knob on the door is simply awesome! I would highly recommend this piece
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A viewer
from New York, US

Great addition to an already awesome figure!

Sturdy as hell and very heavy, this display piece not only captures a classic scene from the 1931 Frankenstein movie, but it'll make you feel like you took your Frankenstein to another level.
The detail and craftsmanship is unsceen anywhere else in the 1:12 market.
This is a must have if you own or plan on getting the Frankenstein one:12.
It takes a very cool figure (Frankenstein) and turns the coolness factor up to 11.

Red Cup Review of both the Frankenstein figure and the Dungeon Diorama.
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