King Kong

King Kong of Skull Island

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Product Description

King Kong, the monstrous anthropoid that ruled Skull Island and terrorized New York in 1932.

The King Kong of Skull Island figure stands approximately 7” tall, is designed with over 25 points of articulation, and includes interchangeable hands and head portraits.



  • 17.78cm tall, highly detailed King Kong sculpt
  • 28 points of articulation
  • Two (2) interchangeable head portraits
  • Five (5) interchangeable hands including a holding hand for figurine accessory
  • One (1) set of shackles with real chains
  • One (1) scaled Ann Darrow figurine 


King Kong of Skull Island is the perfect addition to any fine monster collection!

The King Kong of Skull Island figure comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display. 

Product Details

Expected to ship
Ships Nov - Jan 2019
Packaging Type
Window Box
Recommended Ages
15 and up

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A viewer
from Boston, MA

A great figure especially for the price.

The hair is great, the heads and detailing in the mouth, nose, and eyes are excellent. There’s even a mini person to throw into his hand! The shackles are an ingenious accessory too and make it that much more displayable. They also open and close and snap together nicely. The quality and paint job across the board is nearly perfect.

Read and watch the full review here:
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CobraShadowJoes (Steve Wagner)
from NJ USA

Mezco Toyz Skull Island King Kong Figure Review

King Kong is a classic character that I've never liked in any figure format, that is until I received my Mezco Toyz version. Kong should be a large beast, with some girth to him and maybe a few battle damage scars and that is what Mezco delivers. Let's take a closer look at the ruler of Skull Island and all the things he has to offer to you as a collector.

I really like the fact that it comes with the two heads and some other subtle but perfect accessories for Kong. The price point of $40 is a steal and really is a much better quality item then figures from other companies you would get for close to the same price. For a heavy figure like this, posing and standing is always a concern but I am really happy how Mezco approached and executed this King Kong figure. It also gives me hope and excitement for the larger scale of this figure they will be releasing in the future. This is an amazing release by Mezco and will certainly lead to me buying the larger scale version when its announced! If you are a fan of the old movies or the new movies or just flat out love King Kong, this is definitely a figure worth getting.

Check out the full review at the link below!
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