Mutant Leader

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Product Description

After leveling the gang called the Mutants from within the armored tank-like Batmobile, Batman is challenged to a one on one fight by the gang's leader; it's a fight the aged Batman is not sure he can win. The vicious battle takes place in the Gotham City Dump and leaves Batman defeated and broken in one of comicdoms most epic conflicts, and introduces a new villain to the Dark Knight's Rogues Gallery. With an army of anarchistic punks at his command, overwhelming speed and strength the Mutant Leader is a whole new breed of criminal.

Digitally modeled to craft an uncanny comic likeness, each figure is built on a One:12 crafted body featuring over 30 points of articulation with specially tailored cloth costuming, intricate hand painted decoration and state of the art solid construction.

The Mutant Leader figure comes with:

  • Alternate head with broken nose
  • Alternate head with gritted teeth and glasses
  • One set of fists
  • One holding hand
  • One posing hand
  • Torch
  • Crowbar
  • Display base and posing stand 

Each figure is packaged in a deluxe, fifth-panel window box featuring character-specific artwork and a translucent acetate slipcover. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging has been especially engineered to allow for both maximum protection without sacrificing ease of removal for display. 


Product Details

Product Scale
Packaging Type
Window Box
Product Weight
3 lb
Recommended Ages
15 and up

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A viewer
from NJ USA

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Mutant Leader Review

The leader of the Mutants gang is nasty, lethal, and brutal. He doesn't act like a civilized human being. The Mutant Leader actually beats Batman in hand to hand combat during their first encounter. It's hard to imagine someone taking it to Batman (even an older Batman), and actually walking away from the fight. Although there is more to the story and of course Batman gets his revenge! Let's take a closer look at Mezco's Mutant Leader figure!

The Mutant Leader is a very cool figure even though there isn't much fabric clothing to him. He is made on a super jacked body, and he comes with leather pants that look and feel great on the figure. The thing I like the most are the 3 different head sculpts he comes with. All of them are quite unique in appearance which makes it really hard for me to decide which one to go with when displaying.

My Mezco collection has been growing very quickly, and I am very happy to add Mutant Leader to the gang. He is well made, has tons of unique qualities, and looks great in pictures. He was first released in a Batman 2 Pack with some variances so I was very happy I was able to pick him up on his own. Mezco currently has him in stock, but he can also be found on Ebay and Amazon so be on the look out!

Check out our full review at copy the link below!
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A viewer
from Washington, DC

An early figure but still solid

This was an early release and it shows in some way but the figure feels like the comic character come to life. Really great body on it. Check out the unboxing and review
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