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Product Description

"You're working with a professional here!"
Beetlejuice is back and this time, he has a lot to say.
Depress the button discretely hidden on Beetlejuice's back to hear the obnoxious apparition speak a total of 7 phrases including "I'm the ghost with the most" and "You gotta say my name three times".
The MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice is dressed to kill in his iconic striped suit and sandworm stompin' boots. He parades his unkempt, grisly green hair and flashes a yellow-toothed smile.
The MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice stands approximately 15" tall and features 11 points of articulation. He is packaged in a collector friendly window box, perfect for display.
*This product is intended for collectors ages 15 and up and is not suitable for children. The product may contain small parts that can be a choking hazard as well as sharp points that can cause injury. The item is not designed for rough play and is considered a display item for collectors.

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Ships July - Sept 2024
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Window Box
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15 and up

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Mr. Frights
from Dublin, OH USA

It's Review time!

As with their other figured in the Mega Scale line, Mezco's Beetlejuice is pretty brilliant if you're into larger figures. While they are known for being somewhat plain because of lack of that action figure type detail and articulation, these figures are brilliantly sculpted and well painted as well as the clothing being the show stopper.

Beetlejuice says seven of his more iconic lines with the press of the standard button in the back. You can set him to off or on. He stands really well and is great to pose. He stands about 15" tall and has 11 points of articulation to help with displaying him in cool positions.

The shoes are a bit shiny for my taste, but I won't hold a little gloss against this figure. What I would love to do is line up all the Mega Scale figures and show them in a line. I don't think I have a table long enough for that. Maybe use some sort of risers. The point is that this series of Mega Scale figures has been really awesome and this one is a welcome addition, especially to fans of the movie.

Just like the smaller MDS stylized figure this bigger one has captured that same Michael Keaton-esque look under that iconic makeup. You can totally recognize the head / face too. Just look at their Batman figures and the similarities are spot on to Keaton's face.

And let's talk about the packaging - if you're into keeping your stuff boxed this will stand out for sure. You have a nice big window to see the figure while at the same time showcasing the fun "pin stripe" style with sandworm artwork. I wouldn't mind keeping this guy sealed as you can also activate him from the access hole in the back of the box. Mezco does love to consider what collectors want so none of this should be a surprise for anyone.

If you're into Beetlejuice, and who isn't, this is one of those figures you should grab if you come across it out in the wild or just put in an order on the Mezco Toyz website.

[check out the review on my website]
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