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Product Description

Series 2: Coming soon!

We ain't talkin' dough!

The Baker's Dozen is a fully-stocked armory that reeks of gun powder and steel.

This badass and battle-ready weapons pack includes:

  • Two (2) submachine guns
  • One (1) 9mm handgun
  • One (1) handgun with extended barrel
  • One (1) revolver
  • One (1) sawed-off shotgun
  • One (1) pump action shotgun
  • One (1) rocket launcher
  • One (1) combat knife
  • One (1) tactical knife
  • One (1) axe
  • One (1) machete
  • One (1) pipe wrench​

Get more bang for your buck and give 'em hell with the Baker's Dozen!

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